3 Things I Learned From LBC’s James 0’Brien

James O’Brien, perhaps the most handsome man on radio and second-most handsome on Newsnight, has taught us a lot over the past decade. Whether it’s how to start a successful TV chat show, be a Premier League footballer’s agony aunt or host an episode of Newsnight without shaving, here are 3 things I learned from LBC’s James O’Brien:

Brexit is bad. The 52% of voters who chose Brexit made a terrible mistake. The kind of mistake you only make after sniffing glue through a straw. What were they thinking? They weren’t thinking! There were acting on their feelings. Feelings of fear against all the foreigners coming in swamping our green and pleasant land with benefits applications. And while they’re claiming our benefits they’ll be stealing our jobs!

Brexit is a mistake. What the hell were they playing at? We need a new referendum on the deal. The people were tricked. Fooled. Hoodwinked by that 350 million on the side of Boris’ bus. What a joke. If the British people knew all the facts they’d have voted to stay inside the European Union. Brexit is economic suicide and everyone else in Europe is watching the ship go down. The ship with all our mortgages, dreams and reputations on it!

Brexit is a joke. Nobody is laughing. Except the world. At us! They can’t believe we have been so stupid. How could we vote for our own future? A future independent of Brussels! Our future was supposed to be holding hands with our European partners singing ABBA songs under the Flag of Europe. We’re not dancing now. We’re not even singing. We’re looking at our reflections in the broken mirror of lost prosperity and progress! God help us.




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